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Employment Law

Employment Law

The era of employer’s right to hire and fire staff at will is over. The employment law has redistributed the power equation between the employer and the employee.

This means that employee now have entitlements that must be respected by the employer. If you need legal representation for an employment issue, contact us today.


Personal Injury

personal injury advice

If you’ve been injured in an accident through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation.

Contact us about damages in a personal injury case and discover how your settlement or verdict amount is determined.


Housing Law

housing law advice

Our advice is prompt on unlawful eviction, disrepair, anti-social neighbours, and other issues that cause inconvenience in occupying your property.

Grant of injunction may be obtained to protect you from such disturbance.

Your tenancy may be secured, introductory, demoted, assured or assured short hold tenant. The difference in these types of would depend on the type of landlord and when you entered into the agreement..


Immigration & Asylum

immigration advice

We have a dedicated team of accredited immigration practitioners who are able to provide expert professional advise and assistance for all types of immigration matters. Our immigration team deals with a wide range of applications including Business Immigration.


Criminal Defence

criminal defense solicitor

If you have been acussed of a crime or if you are under criminal investigation hiring the right criminal defense solicitor is what matters most.

Our team of criminal defense specialists will take advantage of legal regulations to give you the best criminal defense the law provides.

Every person has a right to fair and  professional legal advice no matter what they are accused of. Rodman Pearce Solicitors will provide that advice.


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