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Family Law Advice

The importance of maintaining close family ties cannot be underestimated. We understand the importance of choosing the right solicitors to advise and assist you with your family matters.

Whether your relationship has broken down permanently or you are just facing difficulties temporarily and do not wish to terminate the relationship formally, or it could be that you are faced with some domestic problem that needs to be resolved and you are unsure of the future of your relationship in terms of your money, property, children or protection from domestic abuse.

We understand the sensitive nature of these problems that arise and that is why here at Rodman Pearce, our expert team offer specialist advice and support to our client.

Our aim is to ensure that your interest in your family life is protected in the best possible way.

To petition for a divorce in England and Wales, you must have been married for at least a period of one year and you must show that your marriage has broken down irretrievably.


There are five grounds to show that your marriage has broken down ‘Irretrievably’ and they include:


1. Adultery and intolerability
2. Unreasonable behaviour
3. Desertion
4. Two years’ separation and consent
5. Five years’ separation


How we can help


Our experienced team is here to help you with your process of divorce.  We can help you with the whole process of divorce part of the process, as you may so wish.


During the process of divorce, making decisions regarding the children is very essential. Though they are not parties to the divorce, the welfare of the children must be put into consideration. Your money and property would also need to be taken into consideration.


Our expert team understands the importance of these decisions and that is why we work hard to ensure that our client makes the best decision for their family life, minimizing the conflict between their ex-partner, making sure that until necessary our client’s divorce process does not have to end up in court.


We also help to provide a stress-free divorce.


We offer expert advice on


The grounds of Divorce
Divorce petition
Oversea Divorce
Judicial separation



Fees and funding


Our ServicesOur FeesVATCourt FeesTotal
First consultation and case assessment (up to one hour) with letter of advice£250£50NIL£300
First consultation and case assessment (up to one hour) with letter to ex-partner£291.67£58.33NIL£350
Divorce/dissolution of civil partnership (petitioner – uncontested)£550£110£550£1210
Divorce/dissolution of civil partnership (respondent – uncontested)£300£60NIL£360
Separation agreement (Terms agreed)£1000£200NIL£1200


Book an appointment or call us on 01582424234 for specialist advice on your divorce or separation matter today.

Getting a divorce does not necessarily mean that you are no longer tied to ex-partner’s finances. You can be held liable for any financial claim that your ex-partner may take against you after your divorce if you have not obtained a financial Order in court.


However, you don’t need to obtain a court order if you and your ex-partner have come to an agreement. Though you may want to put this agreement in the form of a Maintenance agreements, which is as binding as any contract.


The Court has the power to make the following orders during a divorce process:


Consent Orders
Clean Break Order
Pension Sharing Order
Freezing Order
Mesher Order
Enforcement Order
Variation order


How we can help


We can help with;
Divorce Financial Settlements
Obtaining Financial Orders
Setting Aside Court Orders


Fees and Funding


Our ServicesOur feesVATCourt feesTotal
Financial consent order (agreed division of limited/straightforward assets, valued at less than £350,000) – *Total includes £3 Land Registry charge£785£157£50£995
Financial consent order (agreed division of multiple/complex assets)Costs to be agreed
Separation agreement (agreed terms – no advice, valued at less than £350,000)£1000£200NIL£1200
Representation at courtCosts to be agreed


In your divorce matter, we understand that you may not have access to any disposal income until the financial orders are obtained, so we only ask for our legal fees when the financial orders come into effect.


Book an appointment or call us on 01582424234 for specialist advice on your family matter today.

If you are living together with your partner and you are not married, it is advisable to make cohabiting agreements to protect yourself, your assets and your children in the events of a separation. This is because, you and partner are not availed the same rights that married couples have.  For example, the financial orders available to married couples are not available to unmarried couples who are co-habiting and end up facing the same issues.


Unlike married couples, once one of the either partner dies, the other surviving partner does not become immediately entitled to the property cohabited by the couple. The surviving partner would need to show the court that they have a beneficial interest in the property. This is a vigorous process that you may want to avoid.



How We Can Help


We give advice on;
Couples planning on setting up a home together
Life insurance of cohabiting couples
Breaking up
Children of cohabiting couples
Draw up a cohabiting agreement


Fee and funding


Our ServicesOur FeeVATCourt feesTotal
Cohabitation agreement(agreed terms- valued at less than £250,000)£1,000£200NIL£1,200
Prenuptial agreement (terms agreed)£1500£300NIL£1,800


Book an appointment or call us on 01582424234 for specialist advice on your family matter today.

To ensure that family affinity is guaranteed, the Children’s Act allows parents not responsible for the care of children to maintain contact.


The Act also enables right to make claim to care, residence, guardianship and supervision of children. Our services cover where contact is required for a child who is in care or with your ex-partner.


How we can help


We can provide legal advice on any children related matter
Drafting and negotiating child arrangement order
Parental responsibility agreements and court orders
Child abduction
Taking Children abroad


Fees and funding


We charge an hourly fee of £150 plus VAT. This includes consultation and case assessment with letter of advice. For representation at court, the cost is to be agreed.


Book an appointment or call us on 01582424234 for specialist advice on your family matter today.

Domestic violence and abuse is: Any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive, threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between those aged 16 or over who are, or have been intimate partners or family members regardless of gender or sexuality. The abuse can encompass, but it not limited to


  • psychological
  • physical
  • sexual
  • financial
  • emotional



How can you protect yourself or children


Your first point of contact when you are in immediate risk of serious danger is to call the police.


You can apply for injunction against anyone who has used violence or threat of violence against you or your children.


When you apply for an injunction, the court can make two types of orders under the Family Law Act 1996, and they include:


  1. The Non-Molestation Orders: This an order that is granted by the court to protect you or your children from abuse, violence, threat of violence or even pestering behaviour. The court can grant this order to any associated person within any family proceeding or as a ‘standalone claim’. The court would take into consideration the need to secure the health, safety and wellbeing of you and your child.


  1. The Occupation Order: This is an order that refrains someone from staying in the house you occupy or coming anywhere near the house. The court can grant this order depending on your right to occupy the property. The court can grant this order to any associated person within any family proceeding or as a ‘standalone’ claim. The court would take into consideration the housing needs and resources of the any relevant children, the financial resources of the parties, the conduct of both parties and consideration would be given to any pending proceedings between the parties.


How we can help


We can send out a letter to warn the perpetrator of the violence. This would deter them such behaviour. In the event they don’t, we can provide legal advice on the best order to apply for in regards to your circumstance.


We can assist with your application for both emergency injunction and Injunction with notice.


Attending the court hearings.


Fees and funding


ServiceOur PriceVATCourt FeesTotal
Initial consultation and warning letter£250£50Nil£300
Representation at CourtTo be agreed


Book an appointment or call us on 01582424234 for specialist advice on your family matter today.

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