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Civil Litigation

Civil law:

Civil law is the branch of law dealing with disputes between individuals and/or organizations, in which compensation may be awarded to the victim.
In cases where a dispute cannot be resolved the plaintiff can start a civil case against the accused. Civil Litigation is different from Criminal Cases because usually no crime has been committed.

Effectively this means that if you’ve been involved in an accident you may be entitled to compensation for your suffering and/or loss of income.

Rodman Pearce Solicitors is always here to advice you on the best approach if you are involved in a motoring accident or any other type of case when it involves a civil matter.

Civil Litigation Procedure

1. Initial step of proceedings. During this part of the case Rodman Pearce Solicitors determine what the basis of your claim. Our team will advise on the best course of action applicable for your specific case. Court proceedings are normally considered as a last resort.

2. Case Commencement. We will formulate and write up all the relevant documentation and we will lodge them at a County Court or High Court on your behalf.

3. Interim. When the case is issued at court it is usual for a precise schedule of events to be given. The defendant is given a specific amount of time to counter the claim. If this time span elapses without a counter proposal/offer by the defendant, he or she will be instructed by the courts to do so. Rodman Pearce Solicitors will make sure the necessary actions are undertaken.

4. Trial. If the case still has not been satisfactory resolved both parties must prepare to take the case to trial. We assist in your preparation for trial while we organize your legal representation. We will of course inform you beforehand of any applicable expenses and costs associated with the trial. In general, the party that loses the case will be responsible for all costs.

5. Post-Trial Assistance. Normally the person or party that loses the case has to pay damages and is also responsible for all costs incurred by the plaintiff. We will advise you on the best possible ways to enforce the judgement and help resolve the issue in accordance with your best interest. The basis of a civil case is to put right something that went wrong or to settle a dispute and there are no criminal charges to contend with.

How we can help

– We can help you obtain a grant of injunction at the county court against a third party
– We can help restrain third parties from interfering with your interest in property or peace.
– We also conduct tribunal representation services.
– Our expert team of staff is always here to advice you on the best approach if you are involved in a motoring accident or any other type of case when it involves a civil matter.

Fees and Funding

Our charges are based on hourly rate, the rates as stated below:

  • Senior Solicitors charge £300 per hour and VAT on top of the total invoice
  • Solicitors with experience of 3 years and below£250 per hour and VAT on top of the total invoice
  • Caseworkers charge £200 per hour and VAT on top of the total invoice.

These include initial consultation and case assessment (up to one hour) with letter of advice.

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