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Under British Law everyone, depending on their circumstances, has the right to free legal advice.

We can provide free legal assistance during the course of an investigation at the Police Station. Whether you have been placed under arrest or in Police custody or if you are attending as a volunteer and witness we can assist you 24 hours a day.

Upon receipt of instructions our firm will arrange for experienced legal representatives to attend the police station to provide you advice and assistance.

We have highly skilled and trained solicitors who are accredited Duty Solicitors who work at the firm and we also have a number of highly experienced and accredited Police Station representatives. Our solicitors are qualified to provide invaluable advice.



● You can ask for the police station’s Duty Solicitor. Our solicitors are available 24 hrs. a day for criminal advice and cases.
● You can tell the police that you want legal advice. The officer in charge of your case will make the necessary arrangements to contact the Defence Solicitor Call Centre or DSCC.
● If you have your own defence solicitor, you can also inform the officer in charge of your case that you would like to be represented by your own lawyer.
● When you request legal advice, the police are not allowed to conduct an interrogation, unless you have spoken with your lawyer. There may be exceptions to this rule.
● The police can only make you wait for legal assistance if a senior officer agrees. The longest period of time you can be made to wait is 36 hours. In cases of suspected terrorism this period can be lengthened to 48 hours.



Subject to eligibility, everyone is entitled to free legal advice and assistance.
We have franchise to provide legal aid for Criminal matters and Immigration matters. However, applicants will be assessed on their financial means and on the merit of their cases before the grant of Legal Aid.



There are matters that cannot be dealt with under legal aid due to legislations. In such cases, clients are provided with an estimate of the costs. Costs are reviewed on individual cases.
Also, client will be advised whether they qualify for legal aid or not. In such cases, their civil case may be continued as privately funded. An estimate of costs will be provided for such clients. The costs estimate may be subject to review.


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